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Mom turns daughter in for theft again

Global Times (2013-10-25 P11)
By Jianghuai Morning Post
A mother has sent her twentysomething daughter back to jail in Fengyang, Anhui Province, after she was caught stealing again - a year after the young woman was given permission to serve her former two-year petty theft sentence at home since she was pregnant at the time, reported Anhui-based Jianghuai Morning Post.

The woman in her 20s, identified as Xiaomei, snuck into a two-story house in a village on September 29, where she found a sack of cash amounting to 14,000 yuan ($2,302) in an unlocked room.

She ran off with the cash and purchased an iPhone 5C immediately, which she showed off when she went to play a game of mahjong.

The newly released phone instantly wowed the other players.

But when she finished the game and was about to go home, she discovered that her phone was missing.

Strugging it off, she went shopping afterwards, only to later find that the bottom of the bag with the cash in it had been cut out - and the rest of the stolen money was gone.

After hearing what happened, her mother was unsympathetic and ratted her out to police.

Jianghuai Morning Post
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