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Xinjiang riots futile in face of united Chinese power

Global Times (2013-06-28 P12)
By Global Times

A terrorist attack took place in a town in Shanshan county, Northwest China's Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region Wednesday. Dozens of thugs armed with knives attacked targets such as the township governmental building and a police station, resulting in nine police officers and auxiliary police officers and eight government employees and civilians being killed. Ten rioters were shot dead.

We strongly condemn this ferocious violence. In Shanshan county, Uyghurs make up 88 percent of residents. The security is fairly good there. However, these rioters have destroyed local stability and committed unforgivable crimes.

Two months ago, a terrorist attack in Bachu county in Xinjiang claimed 15 lives. Successive violence proves the tough task Xinjiang faces in cracking down terrorism. Nonetheless, group violence cannot shake the overall stability of Xinjiang.

Violent criminals and terrorists are more and more influenced by overseas terrorist forces. They resort more to suicide attacks, similar to the advocates of militant jihad. They have shown cruelty in what they did, the purpose of which is to create waves and expand social unrest.

They may reach their aims to some extent. For example, they may offer excuses for the West to attack China's ethnic policies. However, they are politically silly.

Many foreign forces would like to see turbulence in Xinjiang, but those with a little analytical sense know this can hardly be reality. Unless China as a whole sinks into turmoil, Xinjiang will never be in a chaotic condition as a politically separate part of China.

China has been strengthening its strategic power. The geopolitical network surrounding Xinjiang is almost unbreakable. Violent incidents in Xinjiang can hardly threaten China's competitiveness in the world. Violent criminals and terrorists are cannon fodder with no political sense.

Ignorance is breeding ground of extremism. Only in a closed and radical environment could brandishing knives to kill people be taken as a noble behavior. Violent terrorism in Xinjiang is not incurable, but eliminating it needs time, peaceful development of Xinjiang and participation of all ethnic groups.

Every single case of violence should be dealt with seriously and all criminals should be brought to justice. The power of law is much stronger than that of all terrorists. They must acknowledge that they are merely unwelcome varmints and have nothing to do with the glamour of religion. The resentment and criticism toward violence and terrorism in China is overwhelming.

The social and economic development of Xinjiang has been prominent in Central Asia. There are problems within Xinjiang, but these problems are far from threatening this multi-ethnic region. Terrorists try to destroy the stability in Xinjiang, which is opposed to the broader geopolitical situation and to the trend of China's rise as well. They are bound to be like the dust in the wind that will be blown out of sight by history.

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